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Root Canal Treatment

The crown of the tooth is made up of the hard, white, enamel layer and a thicker dentine layer. Both these hard layers protect the innermost soft tissues of the tooth called the pulp. The dental pulp contains blood vessels and nerves within and extends from the crown to the tips of the root or roots.

Root canal treatment involves the removal of the pulp tissues from the tooth in the event that it gets infected or inflamed. Signs of pulp damage may include pain, prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold, discoloration of the tooth, swelling, tenderness of the overlying gums or a bad taste in the mouth. On the other hand, there may be no symptoms at all.

If pulp inflammation or infection is left untreated, it can eventually cause pain, swelling and loss of the supporting bone. Root canal treatment saves teeth that would otherwise have been extracted.

Don’t worry, root canal treatment procedures are relatively comfortable and often painless as the tooth is anaesthetised during treatment.


‘To anyone who is having Root Canal Treatment and the dentist is using a rubber dam.
The rubber dam is placed over your mouth and the tooth being worked on is then isolated with a clamp and the rubber dam also catches the bits removed from your tooth instead of them falling into your mouth which then makes the whole process more bearable. My roots were drilled and treated with the technical new drill that beeps so the dentist knows the depth into the root. I was treated in the chair for one hour and the process felt so easy and laid back I kept yawning, so I must have been relaxed. The hardest thing for me was to keep my mouth physically open for that amount of time and considering I have slight arthritis in my jaw all was good. I was told that when the anaesthetic wore off I might have some pain but none occurred. The whole experience felt like an easier process than the last filling I had. The care taken was first class by my dentist Laurence Wood and his assistant Katie Bonner with every detail explained to me before and after. I would recommend him thoroughly and would like to thank Laurence for the care and consideration taken during this procedure.
Mr N’