Hygienist Appointments
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Direct Access Hygienist

Want To See A Hygienist Only?

Not every dental practice has a Hygienist to offer care to their patients. Here at Spicer Road Dental Practice our Hygienist, Jonathan Owen, is happy to see patients who may not be registered at our own Practice, or may not have a dentist at all.

Our Reception Team will be happy to arrange an appointment for you, it is recommended that your first appointment lasts for 30 minutes and will be charged at £99. During the appointment Jonathan will check that your gums are healthy, should there be any sign of gum disease he will advise you how to deal with this and provide you with a comprehensive home care regime to follow, which may include future visits to see him. Future visits maybe longer or shorter depending on the care you need, the charges for any future visits will explained to you and you will be given a full written treatment plan.

As well as checking that your mouth and gums are healthy he will provide a full mouth scale and polish, leaving you with that lovely clean feeling.

We would always recommend that you see a dentist every six months for a full examination. However, if Jonathan should spot any areas of concern, for example a cavity or decay, he will refer you back to your own dentist for this to be diagnosed and confirmed. If you do not have a dentist of your own, he will happily refer you to one of our Practitioners.
We look forward to meeting you here at Spicer Road Dental Practice.