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Internal Whitening

There are many reasons why a tooth may become discoloured. A common cause is stain on the inside of a tooth following a root canal filling. This can result in a grey appearance that can be quite noticeable.

Fortunately there is a way of improving the appearance without resorting to crowns or veneers, which involve the removal of often healthy enamel and dentine. Internal whitening simply removes the stain that is locked on the inside of the tooth by the application of a bleaching solution inside the tooth for a few days at a time. Part of the root filling is removed and the whitening solution is locked inside the tooth with a temporary filling. One application may be enough to bring the tooth to the desired lighter shade. Once the lighter shade is achieved the temporary filling is replaced with a permanent white filling.

Frequently Asked Questions
‘How close will the colour match my adjacent teeth?’
Each situation is different and it can be difficult to achieve an exact match, we would normally hope to improve to a point where there is no real noticeable difference.

‘How long will it take?’
The process normally takes 1-2 weeks depending on how stained the tooth is. Occasionally there may be 3 applications of the whitening solution. Before any treatment starts the dentist will check the root with an x-ray.

‘Will it affect my root filling?’
No, the dentist will seal the root filling prior to starting the whitening process.

Patient Testimonial
My two front teeth have been badly discoloured for quite a few years and has resulted in a lack of confidence, especially when meeting friends etc. I mentioned it to my new dentist not thinking anything could be done, to my surprise he said he was sure he would be able to make a difference.

I couldn’t believe the difference it’s made from my first treatment to my final one. It has given me back my confidence and I would recommend to anyone who has the same problem to definitely have it done.

August 2015 Mrs B patient of Laurence Wood, before and after pictures shown.