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New Patients

A visit to the dentist in the 21st century bears no resemblance to the traditional and tired stereotype of white-coated practitioners who inflict pain on frightened patients in sterile-looking rooms filled with dangerous-looking equipment.

The modern dental practice is customer-focused. That means it offers a welcoming, relaxing environment that puts its patients at ease. It means the dental team looks professional and is trained to the highest standards. It means that practitioners – dentists, hygienists, therapists, nurses etc – listen to the needs and desires of their customers and offer a range of solutions to meet them.

The contemporary dental practice – your dental practice – is where you go to seek advice and receive treatment to maintain the oral health and attractive smiles of you and your family. We welcome new patients, you may choose to see us privately and pay for your treatment and appointments as you have them. Alternatively, you may choose to join one of our Denplan Patient Plans and spread the cost of your dental care over a period of twelve months.

During your New Patient Examination your dentist will discuss all options and costs with you so that you can decide which arrangement will suit you best. Please see the Denplan icon on our Home Page for full details of our Denplan Patient Plans.

During the time you are a patient with us you may choose to change your arrangements from a Private Patient to a Denplan Patient or vice versa, again your dentist will help you make an informed decision regarding any changes.

A New Patient Examination lasts for 30 minutes and x-rays will be taken if necessary. Your dentist will discuss all findings with you and give you a clear picture of your current oral health. If treatment is required, you will be given advice regarding your treatment options, and the costs involved, so that, with your dentist, you can make a decision on how to proceed. Your dentist will provide you with a written treatment plan and discuss any concerns with you before embarking on the chosen treatment plan.

Here at Spicer Road Dental Practice we also see a small amount of NHS patients. At present our NHS list is closed to new patients.