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Frequently Asked Questions

Dentures have a life expectancy of between 3 and 7 years, so how do you know when it’s time to replace yours?

Why have my dentures become loose?

Well-made dentures are no more permanent than glasses. Over time the jaw bone and gum ridges can recede or shrink causing jaws to align differently and dentures to fit less securely. Poorly fitting dentures can cause sore spots from the rubbing of the acrylic against the gums which may become infected.

Why is eating more difficult?

Worn ill-fitting dentures can make mealtimes an ordeal for the wearer. It becomes difficult to chew food properly on the worn biting surfaces. This can affect your diet and also cause you to swallow too big pieces of food which can lead to longer term digestive problems in the future.

Why are my gums underneath my dentures red?

This could be because where your denture no longer fits it moves all the time when you wear it which irritates the skin on your gums causing the redness.

Why is my denture fixative not working anymore?

Denture fixatives are not a solution for old ill-fitting dentures. If too much fixative is used the dentures will not seat properly and the bite will not feel correct. If lots of adhesive is required, it is an indication that the ridges on your gums have shrunk or receded.

Why do my cheeks look sunken?

Often denture wearers find that the part of the face between their top lip and nose has sunken in. This is because both the gums have shrunk and the denture has worn so no longer supports your cheeks and lips. Without support from the denture facial muscles sag making a person look older. Worn down biting surfaces on the back teeth cause the face to have a sunken appearance.

Can new dentures look like real teeth and will they change my appearance?

Denture teeth are supposed to simulate a natural smile. The newer denture teeth available today are made to look and feel like natural teeth rather than the very flat plastic looking teeth of the past that gave a very artificial appearance.

Dentures need to have the correct height so that your face appears normal. Just think of someone without dentures and the sunken look they show. Lip support is gained by very careful placement of the denture teeth. Because Nick personally makes your dentures and fits them when in the clinic he can correct the sunken look of old worn dentures.

Many a female denture wearer has commented that it is easier to put lipstick on the top lip with the new dentures made by Nick; this is because the lip is no longer curled under because of the improved support the dentures provide.

If your dentures are letting you down.

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