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Case Studies

Smile Restoration

An introduction from the Dentist

Occasionally a treatment plan requires extensive remedial work where old restorations have started to fail. In this example the patient was struggling to maintain the various fillings and crowns.

Our aims were to restore function and allow easier cleaning but also to improve confidence and give a smile that she can be proud of.

The treatment plan was broken down into stages to maximise the chances of a stable longterm result.

Laboratory-made tempory crowns were fitted so that Mrs W could see if the shape and appearance of the new crowns suited her.
Laurence Wood


Patient Testimonial

“I started to see Laurence Wood in February 2015 and after a couple of routine appointments he mentioned that he could make changes to my top teeth which would make them and my smile look a lot better.It is worth noting at this point that I have had a lot of filings, crowns and root filings over the years by many different dentists, some good, some not so good!

I was pretty apprehensive at the time when Laurence explained what he could do as I hadn’t known him that long. Anyway, he provided a detailed breakdown of what would need to be done and the timescales, answered my questions and gave me time to think about it.

I decided to go for it and six months on, I now have three bridges and one veneer. The eleven top teeth now look amazing.

Laurence is a true professional and perfectionist. He has always been honest and open. When I had concerns he has always re-assured me especially when I thought I was going to be walking around for a few weeks with a big gap when he extracted one of my front teeth. I have nothing but praise for him and also his Dental Nurse, Katie Bonner. They make a great team”
Mrs W