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Oral Surgery

Due to Corona Virus we are not currently accepting referrals for Oral Surgery


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Oral Surgeon, Mr Richard Kerr, visits our Practice on a weekly basis to care for our own patients and those referred from other practices who need to undergo oral surgery.

Mr Kerr is a surgeon with 25 years experience providing a professional, high quality service in a calm and caring environment. After surgical treatment is completed, patients are always returned to the care of their own dentist.

At your initial consultation, Mr Kerr will examine your mouth and advise on any surgical treatment that may be needed.


Provided by Mr Kerr and his sedation trained nurse. This is often available to help anxious patients or those requiring complex procedures.

In 2016 Mr Kerr completed a postgraduate qualification in conscious sedation from the University of Newcastle.

Intravenous sedation provides safe, predictable relaxation that will greatly improve your treatment experience. Assessment for suitability to undergo sedation is carried out at the initial consultation.

Patients having sedation must be accompanied by a responsible adult to escort them home by car or taxi (not public transport).

Post Sedation Recovery

Whilst this is rapid the sedated patient must not drive / operate machinery for 24 hours post treatment. They should remain in the company of their escort until the following morning.