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Oral Surgery – for Patients

Oral Surgeon, Mr. Richard Kerr, performs surgery at the Spicer Road Dental Practice on Tuesday afternoons.

The advantages of having the surgery here are:

  • Greatly reduced waiting times
  • The surgery is performed in familiar surroundings
  • You are guaranteed that a senior hospital surgeon who is a registered specialist in Oral Surgery will be performing your treatment.
  • Sedation may be used to improve the experience.

Most patients will require two appointments, at the initial consultation appointment Mr Kerr will check your medical history and examine you. The treatment that has been suggested by your own dentist will be discussed to enable you to prepare properly for the procedure and choose a time that suits you best. Mr Kerr will discuss the possibility of sedation with you at this consultation which can make the treatment more pleasant. A treatment plan will be agreed with you, advising you at this time of the cost of the surgical treatment and of sedation charges should you choose to be sedated.

The second appointment will be to complete the agreed surgical treatment.

Review appointments will be arranged where necessary, with no additional fees. Resorbable (dissolving) stitches are used for most procedures and patients will receive written post-operative instructions, including an emergency contact number should problems be experienced.

You will have access to emergency cover provided by Mr Kerr or on the rare occasions he is unavailable, by another local specialist with whom cross cover arrangements are shared.