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Oral Surgery – Dentist Referral

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Richard Kerr provides a Specialist service offering the full remit of dentoalveolar surgical procedures under local anaesthetic. With the help of his dedicated nurse, he can also offer intravenous sedation to make the surgery more pleasant.

The treatment offered includes:

  • Simple extractions
  • Difficult or failed extractions
  • Surgical removal of wisdom teeth
  • Orthodontic extractions / exposures
  • Soft tissue surgery (e.g. fraenectomies)
  • Apicectomies and cyst enucleation
  • Pre-prosthetic surgery

Treatment will be strictly limited to that specifically requested by you and the patients will of course be returned to you after their surgery has been completed.

The benefits of this service for your patients are:

  • Surgery by an experienced Oral Surgeon (on the specialist list) and not a trainee.
  • The option of sedation to help the anxious patient
  • Greatly reduced waiting times

If you would like to refer a patient for this specialist service, please complete a referral sheet which can be downloaded.

Referrals can be made by post or email. It is very important to have clear x-rays with every referral and ideally an OPT for wisdom tooth extractions. If an OPT is unavailable we will arrange for your patient to have one, current cost £35.

Providing this information with the initial referral will expedite treatment.

On receipt of your completed referral and review of x-rays we will contact your patient and offer the next available consultation with Mr Kerr.

All patients will be seen for an initial consultation during which they will be assessed clinically and radiographically to determine their suitability for surgery. The nature, duration, after-effects and cost of treatment will be fully discussed and their consent obtained. The possibility of sedation, and the associated fee, will be discussed with the patient at this consultation.

The surgery will be performed at a subsequent appointment. Included in the cost of surgery are all the necessary antibiotics and analgesics following surgery. The surgical fee will include any necessary medication. If multiple extractions are requested, the fee is generally adjusted to reflect the time taken to perform surgery rather than calculating multiples of the standard charges.

Review appointments will be arranged where necessary, with no additional fees. Resorbable sutures are used for most procedures and patients will receive written post-operative instructions, including an emergency contact number should problems be experienced.

Patients will have access to emergency cover provided by myself or on the rare occasions I am unavailable, by another local specialist with whom I share cross cover arrangements.