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Nick Rush has been making bespoke life-like dentures for over 30 years now, his undoubted passion for his profession shows with the hundreds of delighted patients he has treated.

Dentures supplied by dentists are often made by laboratory technicians that will never have any contact with the patient who will be wearing them! Patients benefit tremendously from being treated in the Practice, from start to finish, by the person who is actually making their dentures for them. This is noticeable from the testimonials Nick has received over the years from delighted customers, many of which you can read on this website. Happy patients have allowed us to use their before and after pictures, their testimonials and their stories for others to see how positive their experience has been, some even feel life changing. Many patients comment on how their new dentures have increased their overall confidence and certainly their comfort.

Nick’s continued desire to improve his patient’s denture wearing experience sees him constantly exploring the very latest advanced techniques and precision materials. He comments, “The future for denture wearers has never looked brighter, the qualities of the newest life-like teeth today are amazing, they are made to replicate natural enamel in both appearance and their hard wearing surface.’

Please read on to see Nick’s amazing work. Read some real life stories and see for yourself how comfortable and lifelike these bespoke dentures can be. Whether you are looking for a full set of acrylic dentures, a single upper or lower denture, a partial acrylic or chrome denture, even a single tooth denture, Nick will be happy to meet with you for a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your requirements.

How It Works

From your initial enquiry, the making, fitting and aftercare of your bespoke denture, Nick Rush works with you at all stages to create the very best denture experience.

Nick has over 30 years’ experience and his great strength is understanding each individual person’s needs. He uses only the very best materials, coupled with the most advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure he is able to produce the most comfortable fitting denture giving a very natural smile.

The only way Nick can gain an understanding of each person’s denture concerns and future wishes is by spending time with you discussing these issues. He offers a completely FREE CONSULTATION to all clients.

Nick will discuss with you all possible treatment options; he is able to show you examples of all types of dentures and has a library of real life client before and after pictures. When a client wishes to go ahead appointments will be made to start their denture journey, it usually takes 5/6 appointments to complete each denture. Nick carries out all the work, both the appointments in the Practice and he makes your denture himself.

At the first stage Nick will take impressions of your mouth, taking great care and time using an advanced impression technique, to produce the most accurate results. This ensures the best most comfortable denture fit possible for you.

Nick will then register your bite and correct the lip support, often denture wearers find that the top lip has collapsed. To do this Nick carefully shapes a wax block until the desired lip support is achieved. Nick will at this stage discuss with you the colour, shape and arrangement of the teeth.

The next stage is to skilfully place the teeth in position, he does this by placing them individually in wax, and using his lifetime of experience Nick is able to create the most natural life like appearance. He often uses an old photograph of how your natural teeth once were to replicate what nature created.

At the next appointment, the trial dentures which are wax versions are placed into the mouth for the initial try in. Nick can then check your bite and the position of the teeth with you. He is able to do this at chair side taking your comments on board.

Nick then returns to the lab to carry out any corrections that are required, he will also shape the gum work fully to replicate your natural tissue.

Nick suggests that you bring a close friend or relative to the next appointment to help you
confirm that you are completely happy with the arrangement of the teeth before they are finished.

Nick then prepares the dentures to be converted from wax to acrylic. Using the latest high tech injection moulding techniques the dentures are processed. This processing technique ensures a much better fit and maximum comfort.

During this processing the gum work is very skilfully coloured by hand, this time consuming art helps to create a totally natural gum work to enhance the life like appearance of the teeth.

This leads to the most exciting appointment; your dentures are ready to be fitted. Nick will fit your dentures and make any minor adjustments at chair side. He will discuss with you how to “bed” the dentures in and how to keep them clean.

Nick then always arranges a follow up appointment to see how you are getting on with your
new dentures.