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Do your teeth or your smile effect your confidence?

October 4, 2019

More than half of British works say that bad teeth would negatively affect their confidence at work according to the latest research.

Women were found to be more self-conscious of having poor teeth, declaring it had a great impact on their confidence in public.

Younger people were found to be most concerned about the appearance of their teeth and smile, admitting bad teeth would affect their confidence, particularly in the workplace whilst dealing with colleagues and clients.

Sadly, anxiety and general unease around bad oral health is not uncommon. The Oral Health Foundation revealed this year that 87% of those under 35 are made to feel self-conscious about their smile, and only 29% of adults are likely to pose for a photograph with an open-mouth smile.

Research has shown that most people site cost as the main reason they do not visit the dentist regularly. Here at Spicer Road Dental Practice we strive to keep our costs reasonable and we offer a number of monthly payment schemes to ensure that you receive the best care to look after you teeth and your smile.

Please contact one of our Reception Team who will be happy to discuss all options available to you, we like our patients to be confident, with great smiles they are happy to show off.